Moving on…

Moving on…

I wasn’t sure if I would get this blog written on time or not. The computer connection where I currently live was down almost all of last week, and I didn’t get to it over the weekend. I will be moving to a different home, and a different couple to care for, this coming Saturday (assuming all goes well), and there will be no internet connection there. That means a lot of visits to the local library for computer use, or trying to buy myself an internet connection¬† and – knowing my ability to procrastinate – that will probably mean that I will miss next month’s deadline… unless a miracle happens, and I hope a miracle does occur!

I am excited and happy for the change, but anxious to be past the actual moving process. I still stink at organizing moves (to be blunt); this is rather surprising, considering all the moves I have made since I left New Jersey (almost 15 years ago). Up until I was 40, I had only moved 3 times on my own: from Pennsylvania to New Jersey (when I was 25), then to Middlesex County in NJ, and then just south a few miles to Somerset County. I moved 4 or 5 times in the next decade (around St. Augustine area, to Orlando, and then back to St. Augustine). Since Mom died in September of 2011 (only three years), I have moved once a year (whether or not I need to – as the old joke about bathing goes).

I should have this process down pat, but do I ever learn? No, apparently not! Well, I’m down to a tenth of the furniture I used to have (most of it sold or donated), but I still haven’t learned to clear out my other belongings… especially paper work <sigh>. Oh, I got rid of *some* stuff I didn’t need, but not nearly enough. Well, I’m moving in with people who save [not quite to hoarding level] even more than I do, so this should be interesting:-) It will be odd being the *neat* one of the household (my family and close friends should get a good hearty laugh out of contemplating THAT possibility); God does have a sense of humor – I can assure you of that!

As fond as I got of my other couple, we realized that it just wouldn’t work out in the long run. I also missed being close to my home church; my church is in the northern part of Winston-Salem, and I currently live in the southern section. The southern section is all right, but it’s more crowded and I miss the nearly rural nature of the northern edge. The condo here is starting to get me claustrophobic, and the couple whom I am leaving (at least the male half) like to keep the temperature VERY warm: I don’t handle heat well – especially not indoors. Before I accepted this new offer, I made sure that I would be living in cooler conditions (73 degrees, as opposed to 77-80 degrees)! There are definitely advantages to being a live-in companion (flexible schedule, no rent, etc.), but one potential downside is adjusting to living in the home of someone else and living within their expectations. It’s do-able, but it can take some skill in negotiating. It’s actually good for me to acquire the discipline, so I’m willing to make any sacrifices necessary to make it work out – for the person or people whom I am helping, as well as for myself.

My main goal is to serve Jesus my Lord in whatever tasks He assigns me in this life, so He’ll help me through the rough patches (or long stretches) in the road that leads to life eternal.¬† Odd thing, though: I remember being in my condo in NJ, wondering if I would get stuck in a rut for the rest of my life and hoping for some change… Well, as my dad used to say: be careful what you pray for, because God may just decide to let you have what you ask for! I could do with a nice quiet stretch in one place right about now. A couple of years in the same home might (or might not) be nice! In any case, I get to stay in my beloved town of Winston-Salem; this time three years I ago, I had settled on North Carolina as the state I wanted to live in and was just deciding that Winston-Salem might just be the town that I would move to (since I needed to move out of my rental in Florida anyway, I figured that I might as well choose the state that I had always loved and get out of the Florida heat). I am still grateful to God for allowing me to follow through with that particular wish, and grateful that He allows me to continue to live in this region (northern Piedmont of NC) that I have grown to love so much.

Well, I need to get moving (literally), so I leave my readers with a wish for you to receive God’s blessings in what ever way you are open to receiving them. I hope *very* much to get an October post written, but as my Dad used to say (quoting from Rudyard Kipling’s Puck of Pook’s Hill, I just realized this year): “we shall see, what we shall see”…¬† Oh, by the way: Happy Fall! This is my favorite season of the year, and the one I missed most when I lived in Florida!!!

P.S. I never did get to the Outer Banks, as I had hoped for in my August posting – ah well! now I try for someplace closer (in the mountains); whenever it is financially feasible!