Spring is coming:-)

I love this time of year. I can sense Spring in the air, but there is still the crispness if winter hanging about. I like Winter, I hate summer, so I always prefer the beginning of spring to the end of it. When other people feel trapped by the cold of winter, I feel trapped by the heat of summer… At least in North Carolina, though, the summer doesn’t last forever like it does in Florida. This is yet another reason why I prefer to hang around in the homeless shelter in Winston-Salem while working towrd getting a place of my own – I have NO intention of moving from this state (or even this town) that I love so much. I feel much healthier than I did even a couple of weeks ago (the bronchitus cleared out this past week); the asthma never has come back since I moved up here to NC from Florida… and I heartily thank the dear Lord for that!
I did find out on one of my trips to the E.R. this past month that I am beginning to show the first signs of Congestive Heart Failure. Both my beloved Grandmom and Grandpop (Mom’s parents) died from it – and Mom probably would have, if she hadn’t ended up with pancreatic cancer instead – so I’m not surprised that the condition popped up in me. My father’s father (and *his* father) were already dead at the age that I am now from heart disease. Despite all of this (and my rather weak body consitution to start with), I rather suspect that I will probably end up living into my 90s – it would be just my luck to make it past 100: cracking jokes about my bad health all along the way.
Well, I’ll try to let you know how the seart for housing is going when I write my next blog! There is hope in the Spring:-)!


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