Oooops, still here (at Camp Happy Homeless)…

Ooops — I’ve been forgetting to get to my blog! Sorry about that. I’ve been so busy reconnecting on Facebook, that I’ve forgotten about posting here… no excuse, but at least it’s an explanation. As you can see from the title, I am STILL at the homeless shelter. Sigh!! However:  I am in my last weeks here. I am on the waiting list for the apartments where I’ll be moving to, so it’s a matter of “WHEN” I’ll move and NOT “if” I’ll move. I thank the dear Lord for that. I got on the waiting list for the senior/disabled housing (I qualify under the disabled label) on the day before my birthday. I spent my birthday knowing that I will not be homeless for long.  Next week (July 7), I will have a phone interview with Social Security (with my case manager present – thank heavens!!) about my disability application; I am praying so hard that it gets accepted! I really hate having no income! I am really praying hard that – IF IT IS GOD’S WILL – I will be able to move to an apartment at Winston-Summit BEFORE July is over. As my Dad always said though: “We shall see, what we shall see”. (I finally realized the origin of that quote: Dad was quoting from Rudyard Kipling’s Puck of Pook’s Hill).  God may have other plans.  I wanted to be out of here by my birthday (early in June). That didn’t happen, but what DID happen was that I started dating a really great guy.  I feel blessed:-) Even in the homeless shelter, good things can happen:-) By the way: I am still working on learning (or re-learning) hymns. I continue to be nurtured by them. I now have about 5 pages of hymns in my pocketbook to pull out and read when I want to be refreshed and nurtured. That has been another good thing that has come out of homelessness:  pressing the “restart button” on using hymns to build up and refresh my faith.


One thought on “Oooops, still here (at Camp Happy Homeless)…

  1. Hello. So glad to hear from you. Wonderful news on your apartment. Fingers crossed you can move in by the end of the month and best of luck with social security. Happy for you on meeting a nice man. Hope all works out! Take care, Marsha xx

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