Still here…

Still here…

I’m still here at “Camp Happy Homeless”, and still alive. Frustrated, but definitely alive. Getting closer to housing (now at the top of the waiting list), but still here.

Getting obstacles removed – ever so slowly (practically glacial), but still getting cleared out of the way.

Social security disablility got denied on this first round, but may get approved when reconsidered. Praying hard for that.

Potential romantic interest came back into play, though right now it’s still at friendship stage… I’ll gladly accept that for now.

For all the frustration, and occasional mild bouts of depression, things are more positive than they had been a couple of months ago. For that I am truly grateful to the Lord.

The weather is MUCH nicer than it had been. A couple of days of rain here and there, but not a deluge. Much cooler, and my body (and mind) is profoundly grateful for that. Last Friday I took myself for a walk to one of our main historic sites (the Salem part of Winston-Salem), and the weather and foliage were gorgeous! It felt so very good… and I feel alive and alert and happy when I am able to get walks like that. It’s great for my emotions and my soul.

I was asked recently what my goals are once I leave the shelter (“Camp Happy Homeless”, as I facetiously call it). The answer came quickly: start preparing for working on a doctorate in history.  Haven’t decided if the doctorate will concentrate in the 16th century (with Cranmer and Cromwell), or in the 18th century (with John and Charles Wesley), but the challenge of deciding will be a welcome challenge. I’m also looking forward to deciding which program and school to go with. I am NOT looking forward to trying to finance the process (shudder!), but that too is an integral part of the process!!! Actually: it may be concentrate on Martin Luther and Katherina von Bora Luther. I’ve always been fascinated by Martin and Katherina: tomorrow is Reformation Day (know to others as All Hallows Eve – aka Halloween), so it’s a good time to consider that potential.

Life can be challenging, but I find myself enjoying the challenge — there are always mountains to conquer, and goals to strive for.