Journey has finally changed!: ie. no longer homeless

Otherwise known as: I am no longer homeless:-)! I now have an apartment of my own. I spent New Years Eve in my own place, and I am so very grateful to God.  I do not miss that homeless shelter one bit…. and, yet, I don’t believe that I’m about to say this, but I am actually glad I went through it. I did get a romantic partner out of it, which I would have never expected…; I also got a dear young friend, who just had a little baby… so I am now an “Aunt” since I consider the mother to be the younger sister that I never had. And I have learned what I can tolerate when I have to. I also learned to trust in God even more than I thought I already did. I learned how important it is to get rest for my body (thanks to the lack of it at the shelter), and how desperately I need quiet and privacy (again, thanks to the lack of it at the shelter). I’ve learned to be careful to have a healthy diet. I may no longer end up being a “night owl”; I used to go to sleep at 1 or 2 in the morning, and then sleep through to 11 or 12… or 1. Now I wake up at 7-8 am, and go to sleep by 9… this after nearly a year of waking up at 5:30 am and having to leave the dorm by 6:30 am, and trying to go to sleep before 10 (lights out was at 11, but I tried to get to sleep before that). I may end up neater as a result of this: my new romance likes to be neat – I would pick a guy who likes to be neat <good-natured roll of eyes>… I personally tend to be a mess (just ask my family or close friends). Maybe my guy will get me to reform??… could be… And after living with  some women who were anything but neat, I’ve realized how unpleasant a mess can be.

A new part of my life journey: we’ll see if I can correct the mistakes I made in the previous parts of the journey. I’ll also see where the romance goes. I’ve gained confidence from being loved and finally having a man in my life as attracted to me as I am to him. It took me until I was 53 (the romance started on my 53rd birthday, as a matter of fact), but truly: better late than never!

I’m also planning on working on a doctorate in history. I haven’t forgotten that. I’m trying to pick up on the French (already had one European language with the German, need a second one). I’m still working on what area of European history that I want. Medieval, Renaissance, or 18th century? Don’t know yet. That’s something to work on. It will be English/British history: that much I know.

Dreams are wonderful things… and I am grateful to the Lord for the chance to dream these dreams in my own apartment.

The picture is of Konstanz, one of the towns in the previous part of my journey – not where I live now <grin>… I would love to get back to it while I’m doing the doctorate, though… or  before:-)



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